Safety Data Sheets

Safety Data Sheets

Inhalation: Do not enter contaminated atmosphere, otherwise, wear self contained breathing apparatus. Remove patient to fresh air keep warm and rest. DO NOT give mouth to mouth resuscitation. Seek medial attention.

Eye Contact: Rinse effected eye with clean running water, or eye wash solution for at least 15 minutes keeping the eyelids well apart. Rinse entire surface, do not allow run off to contaminate the unaffected eye. Seek medical attention.

Skin contact: Remove immediately brush or shake any residues from clothing and skin in a well ventilated area. Allow clothes to aerate for several hours before washing. Seek medical attention.

Ingestion (Swallowing): DO NOT induce vomiting. If unconscious place in the recovery position and apply supportive measures if necessary. If conscious give the patient up to ½ litre (1 pint) of water to drink. Seek medical attention.

Emergency equipment: Appropriate first aid equipment should be provided. For the UK this should be in accordance with the Health & Safety (First-Aid) regulations 1981. Also see the approve code of practice “First-Aid at work”.

Note to the Doctor: Further information on all Certis & Rentokil products is logged with the National Poisons Information Service in the UK.

Please click on the links to download these data sheets in PDF format.

Killgerm Emergency:
0870 190 6777

Rentokil Emergency:
01342 833022

National Poisons Information Service:
0844 892011